• Lease terms from 6-months
  • Minimal property owner involvement
  • Recurring income opportunity
  • Property Residents are screened and credit-qualified

Looking for an Expert Property Managment Company in North Georgia?

Mountain Place Home Management has unparalleled wealth of experience in north Georgia Real Estate Rental Management. Our only business is property management. We do not own a maintenance company. We do not buy or sell real estate. Our only focus is property management ensuring you know our #1 Priority is to be your Preferred Property Partner.

Our in-depth understanding of how to manage properties, combined with large investments in technology and infrastructure allows us to effectively manage at the highest standards during the rental cycle. We work beside you to gain the highest return possible on your investment property. Mountain Place Home Management works diligently toward finding a quality tenant – screening each prospective tenant using a 3-step Credit and Background check.

We focus on quality and that process may take additional time to investigate a potential tenant’s background. When entrusting your property to a new tenant – you’ll agree it’s worth the wait. Focusing on quality tenants who pay on time, ensuring a reliable stream of income. Evictions and short tenancy cycles are the downfall to any rental property’s long-term financial success.


Financial Analysis

  • Lease rate market evaluation
  • Upfront cash flow projection
  • Short-term vs Long-term comparison
  • Are you collecting all the rental income you can from your investment property?
  • Could there be additional sources of income you haven’t considered?
  • Most property owners base their rental rates on their monthly expenses.
  • Here at MPHM, we know the rental market and can help you maximize your rental revenue.
  • Tired of the inconsistent income stream from weekend rentals?
  • We can help you compare your ANNUAL NET INCOME between weekend and 12-month rentals.


Mountain Place Home Management – your Preferred Property Partner – provides long-term residential property management in Ellijay, Blue Ridge and Blairsville and other communities in north Georgia.


Tenant Screening

  • Criminal background check
  • Credit/income verification
  • Rental references confirmed

Ever had a bad tenant?

  • Lost rent income and costly repairs are unnecessary problems!
  • Working with the right Property Management company can help you minimize Bad Tenant Experiences.
  • From the initial Tenant Inquiries through Move-Out Inspections – let MPHM handle the process for you start to finish.
  • Let us show you how owning investment property can be worry and stress-free!



  • Professional photography package
  • Broad on-line marketing program
  • National exposure

Let us show you how we can promote your property to find a Qualified Tenant!

  • Knowing where to advertise and knowing how to describe your rental property makes a real the difference. Look at what You’re doing Right Now.
  • You’re comparing – evaluating – researching – and considering all your options.
  • Tenants do the same thing! Tenants will typically search 3 or 4 different real estate websites.
  • Let us show you how we can market your property to find the right tenant – right away!


Lease Negotiation

  • Binding lease agreement negotiated
  • Formal move-in / move-out inspection
  • Property owners indemnified

Tenants today are quite savvy

Lease terms can be confusing.  Legal provisions?  Federal housing compliance? Most property owners don’t have time to stay on top of all the ins and outs of real estate law.  We’re licensed Property Managers with 20+ years’ experience managing investment property.

There’s a difference.  Let us show you what you should expect.

Mountain Place Home Management – your Preferred Property Partner – ensures all legally-binding documents: Residential Leases; Move-In/Out Inspection Forms; Pet Exhibits meet professional standards established by the Georgia Real Estate commission. From Application through the Move-Out, as licensed property managers, we work to deliver qualified, thoroughly screened tenants to those owners we represent.


Record Keeping

  • Monthly rental fee reimbursement
  • Monthly account statement
  • Annual income / expense statement

At tax time do you sort through invoices, statements and receipts to come-up with year-end figures?

You might think it’s not worth owning investment real estate.

For each property we manage, owners receive detailed financial statements making Tax Time easier than ever.  No need to panic

Mountain Place Home Management – your Preferred Property Partner – provides long-term residential property management in Ellijay, Blue Ridge and Blairsville and other communities in north Georgia.


Property Inspections

  • Quarterly maintenance inspection
  • Routine pest control
  • On-call emergency repair service

Keeping detail records of the condition of rental property can seem daunting.


  • When did we replace the dishwasher? 
  • How old is the refrigerator?
  • Did the tenants get the right size furnace filters?


You don’t need to keep up with all that?  MPHM has detailed procedures to record, track and manage those details.  Plus – we can manage routine maintenance and repairs for you!

Mountain Place Home Management – your Preferred Property Partner – provides long-term residential property management. We work with licensed service and repair contractors in Ellijay, Blue Ridge, Blairsville and other communities in north Georgia.